Masahiro Nakawaki


中脇雅裕 Masahiro Nakawaki

音楽プロデューサー・メンタルコーチ・ミュージック セラピスト・著述家

その後、レコーディングディレクター・プロデューサーとして数々のアーティストの音楽制作を手がける。今までに制作に携わったアーティストはPerfume、きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ、CAPSULE、手嶌葵、Jungle Smile、SMAP、坂本龍一、古澤巌、吉田兄弟、Amy Hanaiali’i、One Voice Children’s Choir、Xia Vigorなど国内外ジャンルを問わず多岐に渡る。

その他に、映画、CM、各種イベントなどの音楽制作はもとより、イベントプランニング、執筆活動、講演、ラジオDJ などその活動は幅広い。特に近年は音楽教育の経験とメンタルコーチングの知識を生かした講演、研修、執筆を数多く行っている。


2018年WorldCore America,Inc. をLos Angelsに設立。海外アーティストのプロデュースや日本文化を基盤としたクリエイティブの海外展開など、活動の幅を世界に広げる。

2020年1月よりヒーリングミュージック系の音楽レーベル「Holos Music」を立ち上げ、癒し、メディテーション、睡眠などの為の音楽を数多くプロデュースしリリース。

マナーズ インターナショナル株式会社と「マナーズ サウンド」を使用した音楽療法の共同プロジェクトも始まり、統合医療としての音楽の効果を研究。

2023年にはロスアンゼルスにおいてJapan House Los Angels(外務省)主催、またニューヨークでは国連日本政府代表部の後援を得て、禅と音楽療法のコラボイベント“Find Your Zen”を実施。高い評価を得る。

株式会社イノベーション CEO
株式会社イノベーションクリエイティブ CEO
WorldCore America ,Inc. CEO
Tokyo Fashion Technology Lab 理事  など

Masahiro Nakawaki

Music Producer, Mental Coach, Music Therapist, Author

Born in Nagoya, Japan in 1963. While in college, he produced music for many TV and radio commercials. After graduating from university, worked as a director of popular music instruction at the Yamaha Music Foundation, where he was in charge of research on music education methods and training for instructors. Later, as a recording director and producer, he worked on music production for numerous artists such as Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, CAPSULE, Aoi Teshima, Jungle Smile, SMAP, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Iwao Furusawa, Yoshida Brothers, Amy Hanaiali’i, One Voice Children’s Choir, Xia Vigor, and many others.

In addition to music production for movies, commercials, and various events, his activities include event planning, writing, lecturing, and radio DJing. In recent years, he has been giving numerous lectures, training sessions, and writing articles, drawing on his experience in music education and knowledge of mental coaching.

In 2017, he started a joint research project on “Music Generation by AI” with Harada and Ushiku Laboratory of the University of Tokyo. In the same year, a paper was published.

In 2018, he established WorldCore America, Inc. in Los Angels. He is expanding the scope of his activities to the world by producing overseas artists and developing Japanese culture-based creativity overseas.
In January 2020, he launched “Holos Music,” a healing music label, and has produced and released numerous music for healing, meditation, and sleep.
He has also started a joint project with Manners International Inc. for music therapy using “Manners Sound” to study the effects of music as integrative medicine.
The development of music therapy that enables people to feel the effects of music just by listening to it is being carried out with various medical institutions and research organizations.

In 2023, he will hold “Find Your Zen,” a collaborative Zen and music therapy event in Los Angeles, sponsored by the Japan House Los Angels (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and in New York with the support of the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations. The event was highly acclaimed.

CEO, Innovation Inc.
CEO, Innovation Creative Inc.
CEO, WorldCore America Inc.
Director, Tokyo Fashion Technology Lab, etc.